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Arjen Boogie van der Veen,    Jorne Langelaan,    Andreas Lackner
FAIRTRANSPORT for sustainable transport
... the only sustainable alternative!

Welcome at Fairtransport website, dedicated to provide you with excellence, in all your wind driven and hybrid sailing ship transport needs. Be it bulk- , packet- or projectcargo. We are proud to offer you our fleet of Ecoliners for the following services:

You always thought your goods could and should be transported more sustainable. You are totally right, windpower is clean, green and fair, the only sustainable alternative. Enquire now, for a free offer.

You like to put your product in the spotlights? You like to promote your product by hybrid sailing vessel? You want to be different and cool in your campaign? You want to help the world while promoting your company? This is your change, call or write now.

You like to change to (hybrid) sailing ship transport,  but want the same speed and price of the transport you are currently using? Enquire for the possibilities to participate in the Ecoliner "Fair Winds" 8000 ton deadweight.

The Clean Shipping Project was started in order to increase focus on the environmental issues of shipping. One of the results of the project so far is the Clean Shipping Index, an index taking a holistic perspective on the environmental issues of shipping.

The Dynarig concept continues to evolve, with the 130 meter Ecoliner currently on the drawing boards at Dykstra Naval Architects as we test various options and layouts. After the success of Maltese Falcon, This square rig design has certainly proven itself in terms of both speed and ease of sail handling on a large superyacht.
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